A Resolution from the Santa Barbara County Republican Party

As adopted unanimously by the Central Committee June 17th, 2020: The tragic events surrounding George Floyd’s brutal homicide have impacted all of us. As a nation we are heartbroken. Peaceful protests, marches and the paddle-out expressed the people’s stand against police misconduct. Locally, several local government agencies are considering defunding the police.

We need to root out bad cops. Good cops should be fully funded.

We are entering fire season in our County. 

Who are the first responders for a fire evacuation? 

Who are the first responders at any distress event? Heart attack, COVID-19 or debris flows? 

Who are the first responders at car accidents?

Let’s not blame ALL police and sheriff for the actions of a few.  Let’s stand in support of the local men and women of law enforcement. Let’s thank them for all of the great work that they do in protecting our community. We do not want police misconduct. We want equal protection under the law. Let’s keep our community safe and encourage practices that help our cops do the right thing and make sure that when you need to call 911, there is someone there to answer your call.

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